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Fromage de… Cake?

Lou and Hy’s.  A name many Akron natives are familiar with.  Over a decade ago, this West Akron restaurant was well-known for its cheesecake.  This cheesecake was so divine that its recipe is patented.  Tage Hojfeldt was the man behind this beloved cheesecake.  Unfortuantely, he passed in 2005, but his cheesecake carries with it a legacy never to be forgotten.

Though a CVS stands in place of the old Lou and Hy’s Deli, the cheesecake lives on.  Behind this CVS stands a plaza, which is home to The Sandwich Board – a hole in the wall cafe serving salads, sandwichs, soups and desserts.  The owner of The Sandwich Board purchased rights to the cheesecake recipe and now sells the delicious slices daily.

On occasion, I grab a slice of this cheesecake.  Being from New York State, I grew up loving the stuff (NY Style cheesecake, anyone?).  But, this cheesecake far exceeds most cheesecakes I have eaten.  With a light, fluffy texture and a bold flavor, this cheesecake offers my tastebuds the perfect mixture of sweet and cheesy tastes.  This cheesecake is made from all natural ingredients, which I am sure adds to the pure, yet distinguished flavors of this dessert.

Because I am a ‘Plain Jane,’ I often order a plain slice of cheesecake – no fruit toppings, no chocolate shavings or nuts.  A simple fromage de cake to please my tastebuds.

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